Why does SouthPointeCigar need to verify your age?

As per FDA regulations, we are required to ensure that we do not sell our products to anyone under the age of 21*. In order to verify our customer’s ages, as well as to protect them from fraud, we use a third-party system called Veratad to verify the identification and age of every customer that places an order on our site.

*In the U.S. the age may vary based on state. For example, you must be at least 18 or 19 years old for residents of Alaska, Alabama, New Jersey, New York, or Utah.

How does VERATAD work?

Veratad uses a database comprised of billions of public records to validate the information you submit when placing an order, to confirm the identity and age entered into our system. This service is designed to do this without sacrificing the privacy of the customer when placing an order.

Veratad is renowned for preventing cases of identity fraud by utilizing historical information that cannot be gleaned by the methods typically employed by identity thieves.

Is the information I provide to SouthPointeCigar and VERATAD safe?

Yes. The AgeMatch service is designed specifically to validate and protect your identity, while processing your online transaction with the highest level of consumer privacy. Veratad ensures safe delivery of the information you provide online in three ways: first, AgeMatch uses secure, 256-bit encryption to protect your data; second, Veratad does not store your sensitive personal information. Lastly, Veratad does not share or sell any data with other third parties. These steps are taken to ensure your sensitive personal information is safe from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

What happens if I do not pass the Veratad verification process?

In these cases, we will contact you to verify your identity or age manually. To do so we will require a copy of your driver’s license, or other government-issued ID, to verify your identification.

I Live Outside Of The U.S. Can I Still Be Age-Verified?

SouthPointeCigar’s use of Veratad AgeMatch age verification is based exclusively on U.S. records; unless you are living in the United States, or are using a U.S. military address (for those living outside of the country), Famous and Veratad are unable to verify your age. Residents and individuals living in all other countries will instead be require to complete the manual review and verification process described above.

How Do I Contact You Regarding My Verification?

You can reach us by clicking here.